Saturday, September 21, 2013

Polka Dot Baby Dress (0-3mo)

With inset rouching and sleeves!!

And my very first official buttonhole!

Made like this!

Yeah. I'm just a little proud over here. :D

Trial run was a success... Now the grand finale!! Stay tuned for updates! Eek!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Baptism Announcement(s)

Credits: Papers from Little Moments 2 by Melissa Bennett. White outline box was just created with the rectangle marquee tool (twice) and a white bucket of paint as a new layer.  Bracket frame is actually just a colored text blown up huge {} in Times New Roman font.  Other fonts used are Shardee (Lead me, Guide me), Kunstler Script (Reuben...) and the King and Queen Font (Walk../Soy...). The fonts I wanted to be kind of bolded I added bevels too.  It helped them pop without looking garish.

Photo notes: I used the dodge tool to brighten the eyes- irises and whites- as well as the teeth.  Be careful to brighten the irises equally and in the same spots, or it makes the eyes look droopy.  Just go easy and use judgement.

**I brightened the entire image by using Curves (Image, Adjustments, Curves - I think).  I set it at Input 59 / Output 75.  I think this will brighten the image enough to make it match what I see on my high-brightness monitor.  Walmart printing darkens things.  We shall see.

Pink Pink Plaid

Made this pretty little set for my new little niece (Kurt & Bonnie's)! It was a quick-ish project using things I already had on hand.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  A receiving blanket (big enough to be a wrap), an embellished onesie, and a plush taggie toy.  I hope she likes them. :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY Toddler Swimsuit

My little girl needed a new swimsuit as she'd outgrown her old one. So we hit up the stores and the web in search of a new one. For the ease of potty-going, I wanted a two piece. But I didn't want my beautiful girl's precious body exposed in "sexy" or unnecessary ways. And it turns out, even at 3T, swimsuit designers are going for scanky. :( Boo.

So I decided to make one! I mean, how hard can it be?! (I'm super cocky sometimes.) I bought swim fabric at Joann's, as well as a set of "stretch" needles and ballpoint pins (which I'd read online were necessary). I had thread and elastic on hand. And I searched around on blogs for tips/advice/tutorials/etc. I found some good advice but nothing that was just what I wanted, so I waited.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I felt antsy and bored. So I just screwed it all and winged it! It took me all afternoon and a very patient model, but it went surprisingly well... And I LOVE the finished result!!

So, so pretty! Mmm, I love it! And Jolie Bug most certainly seems to approve! :) Hooray for a successful crafting endeavor!! And yay for a modest, happy girl!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toy Story Bday Invite

Credits:  Original idea found here.  Gill Sans (pulled this way and that), Gill Sans MT Condensed, GROBOLD, and Infinite Justice fonts used.  GROBOLD and Infinite Justice have been "stroked" in the layers tab.  Buzz and Woody characters thanks to via Gorgeous boy thanks to Tori & Nelson. :)