Friday, June 28, 2013

Baptism Announcement(s)

Credits: Papers from Little Moments 2 by Melissa Bennett. White outline box was just created with the rectangle marquee tool (twice) and a white bucket of paint as a new layer.  Bracket frame is actually just a colored text blown up huge {} in Times New Roman font.  Other fonts used are Shardee (Lead me, Guide me), Kunstler Script (Reuben...) and the King and Queen Font (Walk../Soy...). The fonts I wanted to be kind of bolded I added bevels too.  It helped them pop without looking garish.

Photo notes: I used the dodge tool to brighten the eyes- irises and whites- as well as the teeth.  Be careful to brighten the irises equally and in the same spots, or it makes the eyes look droopy.  Just go easy and use judgement.

**I brightened the entire image by using Curves (Image, Adjustments, Curves - I think).  I set it at Input 59 / Output 75.  I think this will brighten the image enough to make it match what I see on my high-brightness monitor.  Walmart printing darkens things.  We shall see.

Pink Pink Plaid

Made this pretty little set for my new little niece (Kurt & Bonnie's)! It was a quick-ish project using things I already had on hand.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  A receiving blanket (big enough to be a wrap), an embellished onesie, and a plush taggie toy.  I hope she likes them. :)