Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY Toddler Swimsuit

My little girl needed a new swimsuit as she'd outgrown her old one. So we hit up the stores and the web in search of a new one. For the ease of potty-going, I wanted a two piece. But I didn't want my beautiful girl's precious body exposed in "sexy" or unnecessary ways. And it turns out, even at 3T, swimsuit designers are going for scanky. :( Boo.

So I decided to make one! I mean, how hard can it be?! (I'm super cocky sometimes.) I bought swim fabric at Joann's, as well as a set of "stretch" needles and ballpoint pins (which I'd read online were necessary). I had thread and elastic on hand. And I searched around on blogs for tips/advice/tutorials/etc. I found some good advice but nothing that was just what I wanted, so I waited.

Then, yesterday afternoon, I felt antsy and bored. So I just screwed it all and winged it! It took me all afternoon and a very patient model, but it went surprisingly well... And I LOVE the finished result!!

So, so pretty! Mmm, I love it! And Jolie Bug most certainly seems to approve! :) Hooray for a successful crafting endeavor!! And yay for a modest, happy girl!