Monday, May 28, 2012

Girl Date

Credits:  JUMP mini-kit by Jenn Barrette, stitching from Erica Zane's Grow kit, ribbon from Zoe Pearn's Sweet Little Thing kit, font: Blue Highway D Type

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Craft Room!!

I have a new craft room!  Here it is in all its glory:

I love that it is crisp and clean with elements of warmth and personality.  But it wasn't always that way!  Oh no, it all started with a couple of DI finds (that I bargained down to $40 for the pair thanks to a) their being there for over a week, and b) the fact that the right cabinet's door was broken.

Here are the cabinets BEFORE:

Ugh.  Although I am pleased with the result, the work and money that went into refinishing these babies was a beast!  (They ended up costing me around $150, including the original cost of the cabinets, sand paper, frog tape, primer, and ten cans of creamy white spray paint (!!).  Still significantly cheaper than buying new, even from Walmart or IKEA or some similarly inexpensive place... but sheesh!)  If I never see another can of spray paint, it will be too soon!

 And here is the desk I scored off KSL ($35, no refinishing necessary!):

And the sweet little vanity chair that belonged to the seller's mother ($10, also KSL):

Put them all together, and what've you got? ... A pretty and practical CRAFT ROOM!!

I'm pretty much in love.

And here is a peek at the insides of the cabinets.  I love how beautiful it all looks folded nicely and organized!  And I really love that I can assess my crafty inventory with a mere glance!


Hooray for a new craft room!  Let the creative juices flow!! 

Practically Creative

I changed this blog's title (and web address, for that matter).  I renamed it "Practically Creative."  I think it more accurately describes my crafting style.  I love to craft, but not really for the sake of it.  I mostly like to craft if it is practical to do so.  You know, if I am saving money by making it myself... practical.  If I need some decor in my home or want to improve the decor already in it... practical.  If I'm in need of some new jewelry... practical.  I'm not the type to craft just to craft.  It needs to speak to my practicality.  And while I can be proud of my creative accomplishments, I'm not sure I can be called "creative."  So I'm just sort of creative, or practically creative, so to speak.  Practically Creative.  So there you go.  A "new" blog is born.  Now to get ambitious and actually post on it! :)  We shall see...