Thursday, January 21, 2010

a blankie for sister

James was blessed with a HUGE assortment of blankets when he was a baby. Really. Tons. Derek and I bought him a cute blue one when we found out he was a boy, and then he got a bunch for shower presents, etc. Anyway, I tried really hard to make the above-mentioned blue blanket his "lovey" {we don't say that, but you know what I mean, don't you?}. But no. He fell in love with another.

Grandma Julie had gotten him a simple, fleece blanket that was rectangular instead of the typical square and stretchy, which is fairly uncommon as well. It was perfect for burrito-wrapping our boy... which made for some wonderful sleeping for him. We used it pretty much every night... and as a result, it became "Blankie." He loves it. It's nappy and gross now {not to mention in need of a "bath" at the moment} after two and a half years of constant usage, but he still loves it... and so do we.

{Here is James burrito-ed in Blankie. The blue blanket beneath him is the one we tried so hard to make him love. P.S. Isn't this a hilarious picture? It was staged and taken in honor of a childhood memory of mine... trust me; you don't wanna know.}
As an homage to this love, I decided to make a similar blankie for our soon-to-be-here little girl. Mostly I don't care if she loves it as much as Jamesie loves his, but I wanted to make sure we had a blankie capable of excellent burrito-wrapping. So I went shopping {note: JoAnn's is really the only place to go for fleece; they had a HUGE selection full of fabulous prints- unlike anywhere else I looked in town} and bought one yard of fleece. Just one yard. I trimmed off some ugly parts {selvage, etc} and then hemmed it. That's all. It was uber-easy and turned out really nicely. It's slightly larger than James' blankie, but I figured a little bigger wouldn't really hurt. I think it will work well. And really, how can you go wrong with easy + adorable??

And again- here is James. This time he's modeling "sister's blankie." Looks cozy, don't you think? Yeah... I like it.


  1. You make me vomit. Why are you so crafty and I am not? More importantly, why are you not teaching me your skills? Guys like girls with skills!

  2. Both the blanky and the binkey holders are super cute! I'm going to have to steal the binkey holder idea when I have another baby!

  3. cute blankie! she's going to love it! and it's so cute to see james so excited about his sister...

  4. Adorable blankie...and the model's pretty cute too!