Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Craft Room!!

I have a new craft room!  Here it is in all its glory:

I love that it is crisp and clean with elements of warmth and personality.  But it wasn't always that way!  Oh no, it all started with a couple of DI finds (that I bargained down to $40 for the pair thanks to a) their being there for over a week, and b) the fact that the right cabinet's door was broken.

Here are the cabinets BEFORE:

Ugh.  Although I am pleased with the result, the work and money that went into refinishing these babies was a beast!  (They ended up costing me around $150, including the original cost of the cabinets, sand paper, frog tape, primer, and ten cans of creamy white spray paint (!!).  Still significantly cheaper than buying new, even from Walmart or IKEA or some similarly inexpensive place... but sheesh!)  If I never see another can of spray paint, it will be too soon!

 And here is the desk I scored off KSL ($35, no refinishing necessary!):

And the sweet little vanity chair that belonged to the seller's mother ($10, also KSL):

Put them all together, and what've you got? ... A pretty and practical CRAFT ROOM!!

I'm pretty much in love.

And here is a peek at the insides of the cabinets.  I love how beautiful it all looks folded nicely and organized!  And I really love that I can assess my crafty inventory with a mere glance!


Hooray for a new craft room!  Let the creative juices flow!! 


  1. I love it!!! You can come do mine if you want!!!

  2. Very clever reuse of things! Nice!

  3. You've taken obscure pieces and crafted a dynamite crafting center! Congratulations and thanks! (New here from 'Better After')

  4. Just so very inspirational!! My thrift store seems to get these glass-fronted media cabinets all the time (or so it seems). Never had the vision that you did - many have a big hole in the back for the television, though.
    Wondering if the lights work on your little cabinets? (New here from 'Better After', like Martha.) Keep up the terrific blog!
    Debra from

  5. WOW, what a great makeover! I love how you repurposed them. And your sewing room is perfect. Visiting from BetterAfter today:)

  6. Thank you, everyone, for stopping by and for your sweet comments! You seriously make my day!

    To answer your question, Debra- the lights did work, but I took them out since I figured hot bulbs and fabric were a bad combination. I kept them, though, just in case I change my mind someday.